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PictoBoldo is an iOS App for iPad and iPhone available on the App Store that let you draw with fruits and vegetables as the famous Italian painter Arcimboldo.
With the latest version of PictoBoldo you can also animated your drawings and produce animated gif.


PictoBoldo is mainly used at school with iPad for educational purpose.
It is available with a volume discount for educational institutions: see here

Detailed Features

Eighty five items are at your disposal to give free rein to your imagination.
Then share your work by email or on Facebook or export in the Photo application.
  • Each object added to the drawing can be moved, rotated, reduced, enlarged, recolored, duplicated, locked, moved foreground or background, symmetrized vertically or horizontally.
  • For each drawing, it is possible to set a background image (from the camera of imported from the Photo app) that can be moved, rotated, reduced, enlarged, recolored, locked. It is also possible to define a uniform color for the background.
  • Each drawing can be deleted, duplicated, renamed, shared via email or Facebook or exported in the Photo app.
  • PictoBoldo can be used in portrait or landscape mode.
  • For each drawing, the creation date is recorded.
  • Each drawing can be animated and exported as animated gif. The animation is based on unlimited steps that can be edited and deleted. The animation speed can be adjusted.
  • PictoBoldo does NOT contain advertising or in-app purchase.

Pictoboldo on the net

  • Hundreds of Pictoboldo portaits here!